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Hello DOKA team!

Welcome to the first issue of the magazine.

To begin our new adventure, we will tackle an interesting topic... CAPITAL.

After replenishing your stash of false eyelashes in your makeup bag, the next question is the one we usually ask ourselves: How do you take care of your false eyelashes?

Let us tell you that maintenance of makeup utensils ensures long-lasting and prolonged use.

You have surely noticed that our false eyelashes are reusable more than 25 times... but on one condition: take care of your false eyelashes?


In order to ensure long-lasting use of our products, you should choose to use with care.

Step 1: Choosing the glue

The choice of glue is essential both for false eyelashes and for your own natural eyelashes.

It is prohibited... FORBIDDEN to use glue for hair, latex, strong glues or others for the application of false eyelashes. This is extremely dangerous for your health and that of your eyes.

Step 2: Apply your false eyelashes

First, it is important to bring your false eyelash tweezers. This allows a pose with incredible accuracy.

Second, prepare your natural eyelashes for a good hold of your pair of false eyelashes by applying mascara.

The mascara will be an excellent support when you apply your false eyelashes.

Step 3: Remove false eyelashes

To remove false eyelashes, use a cotton swab moistened with water-based make-up remover and then place it on the lash line by making back and forth movements until it comes off.


To clean your false eyelashes, you will need a small bowl, water, water or water makeup remover, paper towels and your false eyelash tweezers.

  1. In your small jar, pour makeup remover
  2. Dip your pairs of false eyelashes and leave for 5 minutes
  3. Using your false lash tweezers, remove any stubborn bits of glue
  4. Place your false eyelashes on absorbent paper

That's it !

BONUS: comb your false eyelashes with an eyelash brush and smooth them to accentuate the curves of your false eyelashes.

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